Why choose Guardian Glass Coatings to repair your rock chips?

We are experts in glass repair and can save windshields that most would have to replace. With over 12,000 windshields saved, we are the best choice if you want the repair to look as good as possible and last a lifetime.

Do you have a shop or are you mobile?

We are 100% mobile. We can come to your home, work, or any safe location you choose to perform any of our services.

Are you insured?

Absolutley! We are fully licensed, insured and bonded.

Can you service large recreational vehicles?

Yes! Big or small, we can handle repairs and glass coatings for any size vehicle. If you have a large coach, RV, or truck, please let us know in advance.

Do you offer replacement glass?

We specialize in saving your windshield and do not offer any replacement glass. Since we can not control the quality of work a replacement shop provides, we do not work with or recommend any shops.

What makes Guardian different from any other glass repair company?

At Guardian, we have the expertise, technology, and experience to repair what most companies need to replace. What also makes us one of a kind is that once we have repaired your windshield, we can protect the glass you just saved with a GLASS-FORMANCE Premium Glass Coating to prevent future chips, pits, cracks, and scratches. We guarantee you do not receive any repairable damage for two years, and if you do, we will repair it for free!